About Us

Pindfresh is an innovative company trying to disrupt the way we grow and consume our food

We believe that we can create a healthier, more sustainable system where food production is moved away from the countryside directly to people’s homes – using innovative, hi-tech and inexpensive techniques.

In short – we’re making systems that makes it easier for anyone to grow healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs right in their own homes, their rooftops, their balconies.

Did You Know?

Percent of food is wasted every year in India
Million Indians live in water starved conditions
Times the ‘safe-level’ of pesticides exist in Indian food

This is Pindfresh. This is Organic at home.

Our Team



Designer. Painter. Occasional TV marathoner. Belives in the ZERO exercise rule.
Engineering taught me the basics of design and materials, my MBA how to sell and my dad how to grow stuff
From our home to yours – that my motto. I really do hope you enjoy what we make.



Master of all trades (and of the universe) He handmade the very first systems that we used (and the second, the third and the forth) A lifelong sailor, fisherman, bike enthusust and the guy who constantly pushes us to think bigger

Nafis Ali


Runs the ops at Pindfresh and can get anything done. ANYTHING!

Naseem Ali


Manufacturers our systems. Plays Cricket. Wants to be a model – break anyone?



From Dhangrali, Gurinder, an ITI graduate, loves nature photography and realizing his passion as the Quality Manager at Pindfresh. At 20, he is clearly an outstanding part of the family!