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Decoding The Significance of Nutrients

In Hydroponics, Nutrients are the most crucial factors that determine the health of your plant. So, it’s extremely important to know what you are supplying to your plant. Feeding your plants sub-par nutrients is a horrible idea, and buying them from an unreliable source can possibly injure or even kill your plants. You should use...
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Truth About Food Grown With Hydroponics

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Maintenance Check List – Hydroponics Systems

Once a growing system is up-and-running, to successfully grow hydroponic plants, there are only a few tasks required. Check the system daily or every other day and do the following keeping in mind the 5 basic requirements of plants (light, water, nutrients, temperature, and oxygen). Most plants love humidity so mist them continually and they...
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Why You Need Better Air?

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Growing food with Hydroponic

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Hydroponics 101 – Short Guide

New to hydroponics? Here’s all that you need to know… If the concept of hydroponics is new to you and you want to know more about it, here’s a short guide for you to start with. What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics literally translates to ‘water-working’. It’s a soil-less method of growing plants with systems that work...
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Gardening Gifts for this Mother’s Day

Show some green love this mother’s day!!! If your mom loves gardening, likes to decorate the place with greens, or loves to try new things indoor and outdoor, here’s a quick tip for you all on what to gift your mom for this mother’s day. Idea No.1 DIY a Terrarium Make a customized Terrarium for...
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The Hydroponics Growth Chart

What To Grow When! Here’s a quick and easy guide for you all gardening enthusiasts! Now refer to this format to grow the right plant in the right season. This guide is based upon the three seasons: Summer or Pre-monsoon season – Occurring from April to June Monsoon or Rainy season -Lasting from July to September...
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