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All about the Pindfresh Growbags and Growmix – Why use them?

You have probably used ceramic pots or plastic bags to grow plants and vegetables. The plants grow eventually so why use the Pindfresh Growbags anyway? Well, it’s very simple. Any plant you grow needs proper aeration, the roots like to grow comfortably to absorb water or nutrients easily and make the shoot grow healthy.

The Pindfresh Growbags is the ideal solution to challenge the drawbacks of using Ceramic and Plastic bags for Growing plants

When using Ceramic pots or plastic bags, the roots get entangled, they start circling because the space to grow is restricted. This reduces the oxygenation for the plant, Makes the roots stressful to absorb nutrients and increases the chances of water stagnation especially if there is no drainage. The stem of the plant also becomes compressed which leads to tissue damage further restricting nutrient and water intake. In fact, during the heat of summer and in direct sunlight plastic pots can get quite hot.  Since they are not breathable they trap all the heat which can cook your plants.

Benefits of the Pindfresh Growbags

The Pindfresh Grow bags are highly durable and hand helps to alleviate the above issues because as the roots come in contact with the edges of the fabric of the Pindfresh Growbags, they sense the light that is exposed to the air.  At this point, the roots in the Pindfresh Growbags know that they have reached their growth limit.  This way the roots become “air pruned” in the Pindfresh Growbags which is vital to growing healthy plants. Air pruning happens when the roots come in contact with air (rather than remaining in soil in conventional farming). Once the roots come out they stop growing or entangling further. This is healthy for the plant as the tap root (which should be strong) remains healthy and unaffected.  Moreover, during summers, the Pindfresh Growbags regulate the temperature as the excess heat is released from all sides of the Growbag.

Using Grow Trays with Growbags : Placing a tray under the Pindfresh Growbag is extremely important. This will collect any excess water or nutrient that flows out of the Growbag and is absorbed by the plant whenever required.

Easy to store : The Pindfresh Growbags are unlike the Traditional pots which need to be stacked for storage when not in use.  The Pindfresh grow bags can be folded up and stored with minimal space when not required.

Using the Pindfresh Growbags : The Pindfresh Growmix is The Ideal growing medium to use with Pindfresh Growbags. The Pindfresh Growmix is an enriched mixture which provides natural nutrition for plants to grow healthy. Moreover, in the Pindfresh Growmix we don’t use soil so that the plants are free from all soil borne diseases.

The Best results are achieved using the Pindfresh Growbags with The Pindfresh Growmix.


All about the Pindfresh Growmix

The Pindfresh Growmix is a natural, ready to use mixture which comprises of the below ingredients

COCOPEAT:  It is Perfect inert medium in the Pindfresh Growmix which provides maximum aeration and high water retention capacity. It is lightweight and keeps the soil cool and moist at all times.

NEEMKHALI: This is very significant in the Pindfresh Growmix as it Provides nitrogen and phosphorus necessary for growing crops and plants. It ensures a high yield of a plant.

VERMICOMPOST: In the Pindfresh Growmix, Vermicompost prevents extreme pH levels so that the plants can easily absorb nutrients from the Pindfresh Growmix.  Additionally, it has the ability to fight off plant diseases while growing plants in the Pindfresh Growbags.

BONEMEAL:  It is a source of phosphorus  protein, Calcium and NPK for the plant in the Pindfresh Growmix.

BACTERIA: There is enough bacteria in the Pindfresh Growmix which provides nutrients such as fixed nitrogen, iron and phosphorus that plants lack.

ALUM: Alum reduces the pH level of the Pindfresh Growmix to allow plants to absorb nutrients and grow quicker.

JAGGERY:  Jaggery present in the Pindfresh Growmix prevents plants from being riddled with pests and balances the carbon and nitrogen in the mixture.

WOOD ASH: Wood-ash contains calcium, potassium, and a variety of trace minerals important for plant health. In the Pindfresh Growmix, it also works well as a lime substitute to raise the PH.

COAL DUST: Coal dust is also added to the Pindfresh Growmix and when the Pindfresh Growmix is used in the Pindfresh Growbag. It ensures high stability and porosity improving the quality of the mixture.

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