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Gardening Gifts for this Mother’s Day

Show some green love this mother’s day!!!

If your mom loves gardening, likes to decorate the place with greens, or loves to try new things indoor and outdoor, here’s a quick tip for you all on what to gift your mom for this mother’s day.

Idea No.1

DIY a Terrarium

Make a customized Terrarium for her with her favorite plants or décor. Why? This will make her so happy, as you made her something yourself and terrariums look fabulous even it is made by a no-pro; also it is really trending these days.  Maybe it was a project she was finding time to put hands on, help her!

But here’s your help guide on how to DIY a terrarium –

Idea No.2

Pot a Succulent

Make a succulent garden with different types of succulents, or maybe buy cute little planters like these, and plant succulents in each of them. These days there are a lot of inspirations for decorating with succulents just go and find a DIY project that interests you.

Idea No.3

Adapt Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the trending and the most efficient technique of growing vegetables at home without using soil. This technique is new to India but has been used in foreign countries for quite some time now. Gift her something which will make her learn about this technique, like Pindpipe or PindBullet, these hydroponics systems are fun to learn this hi-tech gardening method and to eat yummy organic veggies at the same time.

Idea No.4 

Re-decorate Pots/Planters

You could revamp the old boring planters/pots by DIYing a little. Paint them in different patterns, decorate with stickers or any other decorative item you can think of; it’s worth it and the results are satisfying too.

But if you are the type who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty, then maybe just by her a fancy looking planter from the market or find one online.

Idea No.5

Grow Bags

Gift a grow bag and encourage her to grow organic vegetables at home, she can literally grow a tree in grow bag which might make her feeling thrilled. There are so many grow bags available in the market, however, it is suggested to buy a grow bag that is made of compressed biofabric, check it out here. Don’t buy a plastic grow bag as it isn’t up to par with the biofabric ones.

Hope this article helped you in finding an ideal gift for your gardener mom this mother’s day.
Thanks for reading and have a happy day!


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