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Jura 27


Pindfresh Hydroponic & Aquaponic Kit – Jura 27 DWC system growing


  • Ideal hydroponic DWC system
  • Clean and fresh output
  • A complete DWC hydroponic kit
  • Skill level – beginner
  • Minimum maintenance


Ideal hydroponic DWC system: The Jura 27 is specifically made for DWC Hydroponics and Aquaponics.
Clean and fresh output: It enables to grow soil-less which makes your plant free from all soil based diseases.
All in one: Like all of our hydroponic systems the Jura 45 is an all-inclusive kit that will help you getting started right away and keep you stocked for enough harvests till you can master the basics hydroponics. Apart from the Grow System The included contents are netpots, clay balls, water pump, reservoir, nutrients and seeds. The instructions booklet with a brief grow guide is also provided to get you started.
Versatile: The Jura line up has the ability to match your specific growing needs by having a replaceable grow top where you can customise the size of the netpots and the spacing to accommodate plants according to your needs.
Compatible plants: Grow any green leafy VEGETABLES (like Lettuce, Spinach, Basil, Mint, etc) HERBS (like Oregano, Thyme, etc) and SALADS easily with the Jura. Change the growing sheet for growing bigger plants like even tomatoes.
Minimum maintenance: It requires only 10 minutes of your time every week. No use of soil also helps to eliminate the soil borne plant diseases or pests.

Material – Fiber Glass
Dimensions – 4 Ft x 1 Ft
Colour – Light Blue

Technology Used:
Hydroponics – DWC

Ideal to grow:
Leafy Greens / Herbs / decorative plants

Package Includes: For Jura 41 Bundle – 1
– 1 Jura 41 – Fiberglass Tub – 4 Ft x 1 Ft with 27 Growspots
– 27 Net Pots
– Clay Balls – 1 Kg
– 5 Part Nutrients – 500 ML
– 45W Submersible PindPump
– 1 Pack of 150 Seeds
– Instructions Booklet


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