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Pindfresh Wheat Grass & Microgreens Trays


Pindfresh Wheat Grass & Microgreens Trays

  • Designed for serious microgreen growers.
  • Durable and long lasting design.
  • Shallow height for easy and maximum harvest weight.
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  • This tray is not only used to grow Wheatgrass, but you can also use this to sprout Microgreens like horse gram, Bengal gram etc.
  • The trays come with an option for drainage or without drainage, so that you can grow without causing mold.
  • This tray uses soil-less hydroponic technique to grow Wheatgrass and other microgreens in a sterile medium without soil.
  • Trays are useful to help you in growing the wheatgrass easily at home.
  • Unlike other microgreen trays which only last a few weeks, these are designed to be reliable and long lasting.

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Pack of 10 with holes, Pack of 10 without holes, Pack of 20 with holes, Pack of 20 without holes, Pack of 5 with holes, Pack of 5 without holes


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