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Superblooming Agent – Phoolan


Pindfresh Organic superblooming Agent – Seaweed Extract – Phoolan – 200 ml (50 GMS)

  • Increased fruit number, size, color and sugar content
  • Provides the highest organic potassium application without using KOH. Increases profitability per acre
  • Acts as a natural soil-conditioner by increasing microbial soil activity
  • Increase flowering and decreased fruit drop
  • Increase the ability of the plant to with stand the stress caused by extreme temperature, drought etc.

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PHOOLAN is derived from a species of red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii, which is cultivated by self-help groups in the southern coast of India. Fresh seaweed is then processed using a patented technology to create the Phoolan blooming agent, which is both organic and naturally high in plant hormones such as auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

Red Algae Seaweed (Kappaphycus Alvarezii) extract  100%

Add RO water to the bottle to make a concentrate.
For Hydroponic application add 8ml/l to your reservoir. (see detailed instructions)
For Soil application add 8ml/l to your foliar sprayer.
Apply from budding stage, till pre-harvest.
Shake well before use.

Processed using patented technology, for superior extraction.
High Concentration of Plant Growth Promoting Hormones.
Highly Concentrated Potassium.
100% Organic Blooming Agent.
Made in India.

Instructions for Phoolan


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