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Reasons Why You Should Grow With Hydroponics

With hydroponics, you can now easily grow your own healthy food without much hassle.

What is it?
Is it some alien language for agro-farming?
It must be difficult!
Must it be expensive to maintain?
Farming at home is impossible!

These are the normal questions that pop into one’s head when they first hear about hydroponics, which is the trending technique for Agro farming these days.

In a brief, Hydroponics is simply the concept of soilless gardening. Here’s a short in and out on what are the advantages of using hydroponics at home or office to grow your greens.

Less Water Consumption

Farmers claim that some hydroponic crops use 90% less water than the same crops in traditional soil farming.

Have a look at this fact to know why you should really start saving water.

Takes less space

You can easily plant 4 times the amount of crops in the same space as traditional soil farming.

Zero Soil Used

The crop is grown in an inert medium without soil with perfectly balanced pH, nutrient solutions and highly oxygenated water which is delivered directly to the roots.

Chemical Free Crop

Hydroponically grown crops can use no herbicide or pesticide chemicals which significantly impact the environment and our bodies.

Have a look at this fact to know why you should start growing your own organic crop at home.

Grows Quicker

Some crops can grow twice as fast in hydroponics due to getting exactly the correct amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen.


Last but not the least it’s affordable, and it is low maintenance. Instead, you are saving money while saving water. All you need to keep them growing is the right amount of air, water, light, nutrients and loads of love.

Hopefully, now you know why growing hydroponics at home is highly recommended and also is easy to maintain. If you might have any more queries about hydroponics feel free to drop a comment here or mail us at and we will be happy to help you.

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