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Founder and Main Idea Man

Jaspal Singh Anand

Meet the Pindfresher's

Who we are

What we do

We’re trying to build a more resilient; a more distributed food chain by localizing food production by moving the production of food from the countryside to your home. This helps in saving water (over 70% saved), transportation costs, improves food quality and increases the interaction that people have with what they eat.

Grow to sell or grow to eat – Pindfresh will help you get there

Pindfresh makes systems that allow you to grow your own food at home. Without pesticides – without any poisons. We developed hydroponic ‘do-it-yourself’ kits in all sizes and provide replacement nutrients / seeds / accessories – everything that you require to start and continue growing all of your own produce

Welcome to “organic at home”

Why do 'we do'

9 of the top 15 most polluted cities are in India. 13 of the top 15 are in the Indian subcontinent.  Every winter north India chokes in a haze of its own making. Indian vegetables have upto 50 times more poisons than permissible by European standards and green leafy vegetables are contaminated with alarmingly high levels of tapeworm cysts. In 10 years, this region will be one of the most water-starved regions of the world.

This is a real problem. And that’s why we do it!

By getting people to grow their own food we help in cleaning air and in providing pesticide free food directly at home. Using hydroponics we save 70% of the water that is currently used and because the food is grown locally – you don’t add any carbon miles to your plate!

Grow to sell or grow to eat – Pindfresh will help you get there

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Jaspal Singh Anand

Founder and Idea Man


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