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Commercial Applications

Commercial hydroponics in India isn’t very successful. And that’s because all the farms that exist in India are in the open - with a fan-pad and / or under a polyhouse. A polyhouse isn't a very good way to climate control things. Its nearly impossible to cool in high humidity and even at its peak can bring down temperature by only 8 odd degrees


If we cannot control the temperature in a polyhouse - we cannot grow food in summer


and by growing offseason (when no one else can) we can produce high quality leafy greens even in summer (when the sale price is the highest)

At Pindfresh we have a different approach.

We are evangelising a way where we grow indoors – completely climate controlled – under artificial lights and manage to grow wonderful healthy plants throughout the year!


Our Hulk and Tashi Systems help you start on this journey of having your own hydroponic farm. The Tashi is a starter commercial system that allows you to get to a proof of concept stage wherein you are growing and (more importantly) selling your produce. The HULK is a full fledged indoor commercial growing system that allows you to start your farms with the flexibility of investing as per your need and ability

Start your own farm today!

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