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Pindfresh pH Down reduces the pH in your system thereby making it easier for the plants to absorb nutrients and remain healthy and strong


We use a diluted acid that has been calibrated to be used with a variety of systems (NFT | Dutch bucket) and can used to grow any plant - vegetative and flowering; both indoors and outdoors

pH Down Solution

SKU: IZ0583
₹550.00 Regular Price
₹520.00Sale Price
  • pH down products are corrosive in nature. They are basically diluted acids

    Sufficient precautions should be taken by the user while storing and using. The lid should always be kept tight and the product should be kept out of reach of children.

    Meant to be used to manage pH in liquid nutrients for plants. 

    • Add 1.5 ml of diluted solution into 1 liter of water to reduce the pH by 1.5
    • See label and Instructions for a detailed usage guide
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