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Pindfresh Hydroponic Kit – The Ayozari 54 is an outdoor based Hydroponic growing system that is designed for growing upto 54 leafy greens in a sterile, sun powered environment.


    2X more plants:
    The vertical orientation of the Ayozari 54 allows the system to grow 2 times the number of plants that could be grown in soil (in the same area), this is possible by not requiring to space plants as further from each other in soil as there is no nutrient leeching which is common in plants grown together in soil.

    Verticle design:
    The vertical orientation also allows more plants to grow on same space. The inclusion of the stand frees up space below the system and raises the system in height to be clear of obstructions.

    Hydroponic technology:
    The Ayozari employs our proprietary mix of both NFT and DWC technology which has been engineered specifically for Indian conditions. This allows the system to sustain fully grown plants for more than 1 week without any power to the recirculating pump, unlike other imported NFT pipes that may cause decay to the plant if the water is stopped from recirculating for more than 24 hours.

    Compatible plants:
    Grow any green leafy VEGETABLES (like Lettuce, Spinach, Basil, Mint, etc) HERBS (like Oregano, Thyme, etc) FLOWERS and SALADS easily.


    Technology Used:
    PINDFRESH’S proprietary DFT Hydroponic technology


    Ideal to grow:
    Leafy Greens / Herbs / decorative plants/vegetative plants

    Outdoor growing NFT system - 'The Ayozari 54'

    SKU: IZ0579
    ₹19,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹18,000.00Sale Price
      • Total No. of Plants – 54
      • Skill Level – Semi Skilled/Beginner
      • Maintenance – 10 minutes / Day
      • Dimensions – 54″ x 21″ x 40.5″ (Length x Breadth x Height)
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