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MATERIAL: Best Quality Non- woven Bio fabric which is extremely environment and plant friendly.
GROWING: Suitable to grow plants like Big shrubs, small trees, Lemon, papayas, big shrubs and vegetables like tomatoes, gourds, beans, cucumber and many others.
ALL WEATHER: Perfect for any weather as it allows the roots of the plants to breathe, Prevents roots circling and air-prunes plant’s root structure
DURABLE: We use the best quality fabric that lasts very long.
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: The Jalaj Growbags are better than plastic container or ceramic pots to grow plants and cause no harm to the environment.

Colour – Grey
Maximum Aeration and quicker Growth – Provides maximum aeration to the roots of the plants which avoids roots circling or even air pruning. This enables any plant to grow quicker and healthier.
Light Weight – The Jalaj Growbags are very light and can be easily carried /moved from one place to another.
Low Risk: Minimal danger of transplant shock and reduces the chances of pest problems.

Cocopeat based

Ideal to grow:
All leafy and long root vegetables.

Biofabric based 'Jalaj' Growbags

₹250.00 Regular Price
₹240.00Sale Price
    • High quality biofabric
    • Keeps the roots healthy
    • All weather and highly durable (10+years)
    • Environment friendly
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