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Simplified Urban Gardening

We're trying to solve real-world problems of food contamination, polluted air, pesticide overuse and changing weather patterns by designing innovative solutions to these issues - using hydroponics, cocopeat gardening, and other hi-tech solutions.

Grow fresh pesticide-free food inside your home, your balcony, and your rooftop.


Convert your living space into a hygienic and green urban utopia; indoors and outdoors.


Remove toxins, dust, and dander from your environment and breathe in the fresh air.

Why Choose Pindfresh

Our products are made in-house by our local partners. We’ve been developing systems from an Indian point of view – that doesn’t leak when we have electric outages, work on low-grade nutrients solutions and can be temperature controlled.
(made with love, and hard work!)


Everything has been made while keeping you in mind. From the way our systems are packed (for easy installations) to the products we design, to the text in our instructions booklets and even to the materials that we use – it’s all about you.
(It always has been!)


As we make our products in-house, we know what goes into making them. From using premium grade silicone for sealing joints to using virgin plastic for all our molded parts. We make these systems for you, just like we make them for ourselves.
(And we make a lot for ourselves!)


Our most inspirational partner is nature. We bio-mimic everything we see and try to give your growing space the love and care that they would find outside. From providing microbe saturated growing mixtures, to sunlight mimicking grow lights!
(We even grew lettuce in summer!)

The PindPipe


Pindfresh hydroponic home learner’s kit- The Pindpipe

Ideal to start learning about hydroponics and grow a small amount for home use. Grow Aromatic Herbs and Green Leafy Vegetables – clean and pesticide free! Grow inside your house – on your table – in the balcony – window sill – in your office!

The PindPipe is an all-inclusive Hydroponic kit that allows you to start on this magical journey of self-sufficiency in 30 mins!

Pindfresh Net Pots pack of 10 (2 inches)

120.00 75.00

PindFresh Net Pots – Pack of 10 – 2 Inches – made of food grade plastic.

Clay Balls (one pouch)


A pack of clay balls – one pouch (ideal for 5 net pots). Hardened clay balls – the inert medium to grow your seeds.

Balkii Growbags – 10 x 12 inches

200.00 150.00

Our unique compressed bio-fabric which allows the roots to breathe freely while maintaining adequate moisture. Combine with our unique grow mix and grow all kinds of vegetables like tomatoes, gourds, beans, cucumber and many others. Dimensions 10 x 12 inches.

Growbag Combo 2


Pindfresh fabric pots allow roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth and yields.

Growbag Combo 1


Pindfresh fabric pots allow roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth and yields.

Pindfresh Net Pots pack of 100 (2 inches)


PindFresh Net Pots – Pack of 100 – 2 Inches – made of food grade plastic.

Pindfresh Grow Light – Tube Light – 36W 3Ft


Pindfresh 36W 3Ft Indoor Plant Grow Light

As Seen In
Imagine plucking spinach leaves from your terrace and making a delicious salad or a yummy parantha! Yes, I’m doing just that thanks to Pindfresh! What I loved the most was that it barely required any effort. I just had to put in the nutrient solution when the water lever went down…that’s it. And in 3-4 weeks I had my own home-grown produce! I am really happy with the results. Really great products. Thank you Pindfresh!
testimonial female icon
Jyotika Delhi, India
Right from the moment, we opened our box to the time we harvested our lettuce leaves and enjoyed the delicious salad. It was so easy to set up and follow, that my 3 years old could do it (with a little aid in reading the instructions of course ;)). We spent quality time together and I was also able to teach my son a few things about the food that we eat.
testimonial male icon
Rahul Bangalore, India
Clean, hygienic manner and on your own with barely any effort is. Pindfresh solves all these issues! And it looks so beautiful on my dining table. I actually placed it there as a centerpiece for a dinner party and my friends couldn’t stop raving about it! Moreover, the fact that we plucked the leaves off the pipe and straight into our mouths was WOW!
testimonial female icon
Komal Chandigarh, India
The freshness of the salads brought so much freshness and vibrancy to our homes. We’ve enjoyed the spinach and the herbs (which taste so much better, and cheaper, than the ones we buy from the market). Now we are planning to order more of these beautiful pipes and make a vertical wall in our house! Thank you Pindfresh!
testimonial male icon
Bharatans Mumbai, India
Pindpipe was a feast for the eyes. Within 20 minutes I had set up my pipe and put in the seeds. Then in a week, I saw the first sprouts and in 4 weeks I had 5 fresh bunches of lettuce – right on my balcony! it was such a refreshing sight and what sheer joy I felt! Its really amazing, I like it. Thank you Pindfresh – for bringing me the gift of fresh, pure food!
testimonial female icon
Priyanka Delhi, India
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