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Hi-Tech Gardening

Imagine waking up everyday in your own farm. Imagine breathing clean, unpolluted air. And now imagine all this in the comfort of your own home! We recreate a farm like atmosphere where you can grow your own food – and clean your indoor air while you’re at it.

Resource Efficient

uses only 10% of the water compared to traditional methods/agriculture

Organic & Clean

does not require pesticides or harmful chemicals producing cleaner, healthier food

Environment Friendly

purifies surrounding air 400% more than conventional planters


High Productivity

has higher yields compared to traditional methods utilizing the same space

Easy to Grow

easy to set up and maintain, making them a great activity to do with kids

Year Round

grow your favourite fruits and vegetables all year round.


Make your own dream kitchen garden!

Pindfresh’s hi-tech systems let you create your own kitchen garden – even if you don’t have a farm or garden space. You can set up a hydroponic garden indoors, and grow your own healthy organic herbs and vegetables.

With Pindfresh, you get to be in charge, and know that you and your family get to enjoy organic, home-grown produce, all year round!

Scope our range of Home Gardening systems. See what system is ideal for your home! Place your order right here on our SHOP or on Amazon. Grow your first harvest in 4-6 weeks!!

Reorder your consumables or get a maintaince package from us.

Build Your Kitchen Garden!

For Businesses

There are many reasons to outsource your office maintenance to us. It’s easier; you don’t spend time and money in hiring and you get all your supplies at one place. However the biggest is – you get results. Superb care is a combination of correct timing, precision application and quality product. Most employees (in your office) won’t know how to calibrate equipment and end up applying too much or too little of a product. This can result in no benefit at all for all your hard work and investments, or worse, damage. The cost for the product and the time invested is wasted.

Grown by Us - Pindfresh Foods

We’re trying to build a more resilient, a more distributed food chain that moves the actual production of food from the countryside to your home; and trying to have some fun while doing that!

Free from harmful pesticides and chemicals

Sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices

Healthy, fresh and tastes amazing!

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