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We're trying to solve real-world problems of food contamination, polluted air, overuse of pesticide and changing weather patterns by designing innovative solutions to these issues - using hydroponics, cocopeat gardening, and other hi-tech solutions.


Modular, vertical, indoor commercial systems for large scale climate controlled food production
Start with 15 Sq Ft of space and start your
own hydroponic farm


Set up a small hydroponic unit for your home
or grow edible and decorative plants in specially
designed grow bags and enriched grow
mix your balcony or garden


Mini hydroponic systems and small desktop planters
make thoughtful and considerate gifts. Also
find our indoor hydroponic based air
cleaning solutions for offices


Commercial hydroponics in India isn’t very successful. When you look at all the farms that have come up – and closed down you wonder why isn’t it working? Well to us the answer is very clear – we’re basically trying to lift a system that works very well in the temperate / cold climates of the west and trying to implement in the harsh summers of India! we have a different approach. we are evangelizing a way where we grow indoors – completely climate controlled – under artificial lights and manage to grow wonderful healthy plants throughout the year!

To learn why this approach works better and on how to start today, click the link below


Have you ever wanted to grow your own food and vegetables on your rooftop? Try hydroponics! Our range of hydroponic and cocopeat based growing systems help you grow your own vegetables, herbs, flowers and air cleaning plants wherever you’d like. Install a Tashi food factory in your kitchen or deck your balcony with our GrowBag and GrowMix combo! Eat fresh clean pesticide free food – after all, it’s Organic @ Home

To set up a food factory or a balcony garden, click the link below


Great gifts for official functions, birthday parties, giveaways and all at affordable price points! Shop from our collection of hydroponic and cocopeat tabletop systems that add greenery to any setting and our DIY kits that make great birthday return gifts!

Invest in hydroponic solutions for cleaning indoor air. Using our revolutionary Nino systems we clean indoor air and at the same time produce fresh oxygen to maintain indoor air quality. Using a combination of air cleaning plants, activated charcoal and hydroponics we can now clean the air faster and more efficiently than a conventional air cleaning machine

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Hydroponics in Chandigarh




Imagine plucking spinach leaves from your terrace and making a delicious salad or a yummy parantha! Yes, I’m doing just that thanks to Pindfresh! What I loved the most was that it barely required any effort. I just had to put in the nutrient solution when the water lever went down…that’s it. And in 3-4 weeks I had my own home-grown produce! I am really happy with the results. Really great products. Thank you Pindfresh!
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Jyotika Delhi, India
Right from the moment, we opened our box to the time we harvested our lettuce leaves and enjoyed the delicious salad. It was so easy to set up and follow, that my 3 years old could do it (with a little aid in reading the instructions of course ;)). We spent quality time together and I was also able to teach my son a few things about the food that we eat.
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Rahul Bangalore, India
Clean, hygienic manner and on your own with barely any effort is. Pindfresh solves all these issues! And it looks so beautiful on my dining table. I actually placed it there as a centerpiece for a dinner party and my friends couldn’t stop raving about it! Moreover, the fact that we plucked the leaves off the pipe and straight into our mouths was WOW!
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Komal Chandigarh, India
The freshness of the salads brought so much freshness and vibrancy to our homes. We’ve enjoyed the spinach and the herbs (which taste so much better, and cheaper, than the ones we buy from the market). Now we are planning to order more of these beautiful pipes and make a vertical wall in our house! Thank you Pindfresh!
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Bharatans Mumbai, India
Pindpipe was a feast for the eyes. Within 20 minutes I had set up my pipe and put in the seeds. Then in a week, I saw the first sprouts and in 4 weeks I had 5 fresh bunches of lettuce – right on my balcony! it was such a refreshing sight and what sheer joy I felt! Its really amazing, I like it. Thank you Pindfresh – for bringing me the gift of fresh, pure food!
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Priyanka Delhi, India

All about the Pindfresh Growbags and Growmix – Why use them?

You have probably used ceramic pots or plastic bags to grow plants and vegetables. The plants grow eventually so why use the Pindfresh Growbags anyway? Well, it’s very simple. Any plant you grow needs proper aeration, the roots like to grow comfortably to absorb water or nutrients easily and make the shoot grow healthy. The...
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Why Grow Vegetables Indoors?

As the times are changing we have become more and more conscious about our health and environment and rightly so. We at Pindfresh understand the major concerns of the environment with growing scarcity of water, use of fertilizers and pests and also understand the challenges faced by the growers. To tackle the major issues we...
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Decoding The Significance of Nutrients

In Hydroponics, Nutrients are the most crucial factors that determine the health of your plant. So, it’s extremely important to know what you are supplying to your plant. Feeding your plants sub-par nutrients is a horrible idea, and buying them from an unreliable source can possibly injure or even kill your plants. You should use...
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Truth About Food Grown With Hydroponics

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